20 Years of My Life – What I expect Next

At First I want to apologize, I am a Professional blogger since 4 years and had no personal Blog since then. Well, being honest, I tried a Blogspot Blog but never published anything on it (just 1-2 posts in total). But at the end Today was my 20th birthday (I bet you thought I was younger) anyways, I thought What good can I do other than finally installing WordPress and starting a personal blog on a domain I purchased 3-4 months ago.

Experiences and Thoughts:

Well, You can guess what kind of Lazy guy I am . I thought to start My blog by sharing my thoughts and experiences of these 20 years of my life with my friends and my readers. Dont Worry, I am not going to write each and everything about those 20 years but I am going to share few things I learned by those experiences.

I had lots and lots of experiences since I was born, Always tried to be first in EVERYTHING, including studies and stuff but there is a level of interest involved in everything. I started using computer since I was 12 I guess but never tried stuff like internet and online world. In fact, I heard about Facebook in early 2010. Later on I became familiar  with stuff like blogger, blogging, bought my first TLD (with the help of a friend), I can never forget those nights I worked on it.

Joined several Ventures since then, met with different people, few of the became friends with me, most of them, well, became haters or should I say NOT friends (not to be aggressive). I still have bunch of blogs, Many different projects in mind, I am actually ready to launch some of big Startups but as I already mentioned I am such a lazy guy so I am delaying those projects till next day and then; Well, next year maybe 😉

But I wanted to keep this Blog more like a Diary so lets Be Honest. I will try my Best to Give out more of positive to the community, even more than I was giving earlier. I Pray from Allah to give me Strength to work on what I want to work on and Establish something on my own, which I always have wanted, to show my haters, I am not that bad either ;).

20 years passed, It was a good experience I guess. Sometimes I think what if that Incident (any incident of my life) wouldn’t have happened, I would be in better condition? but the reality is, if any of the specific incidents/accidents wouldn’t have had happened, I wouldn’t be at this Place writing this Blog Post Either.

In the end I want to Thank all of my friends, people I know or don’t know to be the part of my life, to be the part of something which led me here and Thanks to Allah Almighty Who Blessed me with this Wonderful life, who Planned all this for me and only He Knows What’s next in my life for me.

Till the next post, Adios, See ya, Allah Hafiz.

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